Anatomy of a Landscape Job



James Richard

   I love designing ! I love people… but even more… I love designing “with” the people I work with, you, my potential client! We want to make it a team effort and the pleasure continues until the job is done. There will be adjustments along the way until the homeowner feels ownership and a strong connection with the end product.

There are some “Ground Rules” !

1. Property Report: “ Where oh where will the water go?”
Water must leave the property in an orderly and timely fashion. All parts of a conceptional (or wishful) design bow down to the principles of water control!

2. Functionality: “ Now, just who are you again?”
We do not build lonely Towers-we blend relationships with Havens-places of rest! You have a life, and that life needs to be expressed in your landscape. We want to install Quality time with your Partner, with your Children, with
Family and Friends and also Time Alone with nature. All this and more can be designed into a landscape-Action and Tranquility in an Harmonious relationship!

3. Water, Fire, Light and Beauty: “What time is it again?”
Energy in Synergy must create Peacefulness in Action. Children in free play in a sandbox, a dad barbequing steaks, mom swinging in her double chair under a canopy with a friend, the dog chasing the ball, or quietly resting in his dog run, the cat peaceful on her chair- all must blend together with the hard and soft items in the landscape-rocks, trees, water, lighting, heat source, shrubs, flowers, and grass and garden. Together they must create a sense of control, calm, comfort, warmth, connection and satisfaction. In short, a place that is hard to leave!

These rules (and a few more) will blend to create a social space with a warm connection with nature , a sanctuary worthy of the time and expense involved- creating a stay-cation right in your back yard! This represents a skill that time and experience has fostered and we bring it gratefully and humbly to you. We want to do marriage with Hardscape and Softscape, Beauty and Functionality, Action and Tranquility and bring all into a Oneness. Together we will bring all the social concepts of your life and the solid landscape items to the kitchen table and cook up an outstanding design that will fit your family lifestyle and life demands for time stilling, stress free living!

Our hourly rates are affordable and our value is priceless! Browse through our Gallery and see for yourself how Property, Individuality, and established Landscape Principles have blended together to create some of the most awesome time stilling
creations ever. Then call or email us to set up a free one hour consult and then move forward towards the tranquil haven you so much deserve in this untiring 21st century rush hour!

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Created by Andy Smart