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Why have a Deck?

The Farm House I grew up in had some front steps made of wood to circumvent the door height with the ground. The back door lead to a wood shed and outside. Today we build large transition structures called “ decks” , but more than that, we build a functional outdoor living space- a social hub if you will. Adored with furniture called patio sets-chairs and table, deck chairs and benches, vases full of flowers, often a water structure and heat source, and home of the coveted large barbeque it is now the location where we want to be, especially when food and good weather are combined!

Decks can be made of enduring plastic composite, cedar, or pressure treated wood, but regardless of the material, your deck can make that special place you call home a paradise of special warmth and interactive excitement! Give us a call to discuss your dream deck today.


PHONE:  403 697-2629


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