So You Want To Do Some Landscaping!


Congratulations! You are beginning a journey which is Canada’s (if not the world’s) No. one Favourite Pastime - Gardening!... but with a twist-your backyard garden (and/ or frontyard) will also be your favourite Haven and a safe place for all that is you!.

You have been invigorated with a Thought, a Vision, or maybe just a Feeling, and are ready to enlist the help of a professional and see want it might take to make your Dream a Reality!. You are familiar with a host of “Ground Rules” (See Anatomy of a Landscape Job on home page if not) and are prepared to spend 2-10 hrs to conceptionalize your Dream Retreat. We will keep it as simple as possible, and without undue stress. Then we will fit the blended Tapistry of your life within the confines of your Real Property to the degree we are able. Open mindedness and Flexibility are the key ingredients and although the world is not perfect, you can have your perfect world within the limitations of your personal space, is our Promise!.

So give it all a bit more thought, get some ideas on paper (or not), email your drawing, needs or thoughts if you have some, and request a meeting or suggest suitable times when we can meet and begin with commitment into this wonderful journey into the inner sanctums of the outerworld of your backyard. You have nothing to lose and Elegance in Simplicity to Gain!

PHONE:  403 697-2629



Created by Andy Smart